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Ummah: Intentional Community

February 9, 2012

In the time of the prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him, the people who followed his teachings formed an intentional community. This ummah continues today – a group of believers, united not by place or culture, but by faith in One God and the final message to mankind.

To the New Age Muslim, the ummah represents the collective intention of living together in harmony. Spread out across the globe, Muslims of the world unite through the concept of a single, intentional community.

To do so means to choose a life honoring all creation, out of love for the Creator. It means to seek to approach ourselves and others with integrity.

The exact specifications and rules of conduct are not something we all agree upon. There is wide variation and no one can claim the truth with force or violence. Allah reveals truth in His ways to those whom He chooses.

The ummah struggles not to come to consensus on the rights and the wrongs of conduct or create laws for the greater society. The struggle of the ummah, is for individual believers to turn the gaze inward first, seeking reconciliation of personal vices and shortcomings. Then secondarily, to support fellow believers to do the same.