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The Ruh of Allah : Spiritual Energy

February 14, 2012

The spiritual energy contained within the physical body is hardly mentioned in Islamic teachings. However, the existence of this phenomenon is made clear when Allah says, we come alive when He breathes his Ruh into us.

The seven chakras of the Vedic tradition provide a spiritual body map. Rather than looking at physical wellbeing as simply that – physical; we can examine our spiritual health as it manifests in our bodies.

Imbalances of energy produce physical signs, in order to alert our conscious mind when we are out of harmony with our soul’s purpose. The Ruh, Divine breath of God within, warns us when we are living outside of our destinies, and straying from the straight path. When our nafs, begin to develop toxic tendencies, our bodies fall, seemingly without logical explanation, into sickness.

Some signs may be chronic aching, dizziness, stomach pain, jaw tightness, sleeplessness, excessive worry or just a sense that something is not right. Some people act chaotically, saying things they do not really mean, only to be filled with regret afterwards. Some people, sensing the imbalance, try to no avail to fix the problem with drugs, sex, shopping, drama and other masks that only cause more pain.

Spiritual ailments come from living outside of what Allah has prescribed for us. Surrendering our will to God is the first step to healing.

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  1. March 2, 2012 4:37 pm

    This was a very interesting post. Not much has been said of Allah breathing His Ruh into us. But correct me if I’m wrong, and I usually am wrong at 8 in the morning, but doesn’t that make our Nafs His roh? And if so, how much control do we have over our actions? I can simply blame it on His roh. Now I really must end before all becomes clear that I want someone to blame for my actions- My bagels call!


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